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Welcome to the CoreFiling Taxonomy Library.

We wanted to offer a useful resource to members of the expanding XBRL community. The purpose of these pages is to provide easy access to the growing number of published taxonomies now publicly available across the globe. We believe it will be useful to a wide cross-section of people to have them grouped together in one single place for ease of review. You will find that our taxonomy library is easy to use and lets you browse and search for elements simply and intuitively.

A note for HMRC Filers:

The CoreFiling Taxonomy Library lets you view the taxonomies required for UK Corporation Tax filing. Search UK GAAP and IFRS for the concept you need. For further help in converting your Word documents to iXBRL format, please take a look at our Seahorse pages.

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The CoreFiling Taxonomy Library is built using the Yeti Taxonomy Review Platform. It is our intention to include all publicly available taxonomies in the library, where the usage policy permits. If you have a taxonomy that's not in the library, or an updated version of one that is, then please contact us at:, and we will gladly publish your taxonomy.

Please note that the taxonomies published in the library were not created by CoreFiling, and their use is governed by the IP policies of the individual copyright holders. Additional information about the individual taxonomies, including copyright information, is available in the Notes to the Taxonomies page.