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Notes to the Taxonomies

Please note that the taxonomies published in the library were not created by CoreFiling, and their use is governed by the IP policies of the individual copyright holders. Below are legal notices relating to the taxonomies in the CoreFiling Taxonomy Library, and a link to the source from which each taxonomy was obtained.

Australian SBR (2011-02-13)

Australian SBR (Cycle 1 Prototype)

Belgium - NBB (2011-04-01)

Canadian GAAP (2007-01-19)

China - CLCID (2006-12-31)

ESMA ESEF XBRL Taxonomy 2017 Draft (2017-09-30)

ICI (2007-05-06)

IFRS (2006)

IFRS (2008 Exposure Draft)

IFRS (2008)

Irish GAAP (2006-12-31)

NL - NTP (2.1)

NZ GAAP (2004-05-12)

Swedish GAAP (2008-09-30) - Annual Report Taxonomy

Swedish GAAP (2008-09-30) - Auditor's Report Taxonomy

UK - Companies House Audit Exempt (2008-04-06)

UK - HMRC - CT Computation and DPL (2012-10-01)

UK GAAP (2009-09-01)

US GAAP (2008-03-31)